Earthing The Spirit 2016

Nourishing the spirit, the body, the community and the planet.

All are welcome!

Morning workshops:

Parenting skills and bring up beautiful children (ken and Sabina Nagal)
Understanding and recognising and using virtues when educating children (Penny Kemp)

Walking to Awareness; silent walking and creativity (Tim Rubidge)

Baha’i Revelation, vision, and shaping a wondrous world civilisation. (Leslie Habibi)
Youth sessions
Children’s classes
Steiner mother and toddler group

Afternoon Activities will include

Poetry Singing dance, film making painting a giant murel, knitting, tree climbing, story teling death Ca

Earthy mucking about on land and garden

Bread, sweets and truffle making.

Opera poetry, Ice sculpture, sport and more

To book a place at this years Earthing the Spirit please email and tell us:

Accommodation (Camping, Bunkbed…)
Dietary requirements
When you will arrive and leave
1st and 2nd morning workshop choice