Losing the Plot #5 – A Star and Shadow Film Retreat, 16-18 June 2017

Over the 16-18 June, we will present various aesthetic directions taken by film artists, documentarians, feminists and prime-time comedians to expose and start dialogue, cross-referencing between today and the period of the New Social Function of Cinema (late 1970’s early 1980’s.)

Emphasising the collective experience of viewing that makes Cinema special, LTP revolves around camping, watching, reading, walking, discussing and eating together with a bunch of other people over a long weekend.  Exploring the self-imposed strategy of ‘The Ignorant Curator’, all films are programmed ‘unseen’ to encourage a non-hierarchical approach to post-film discussion.  We set up good audience relationships with amazing food and a beautiful place, and then add the films.

Interspersed through the weekend:
The Other Cinema: Which Parade’s Gone By... (M. Karlin, UK, 1977, documentary)

Friday 16th June
8pm: Accursed, Amazed, Other…
The Accursed Stare
(D. Ferrando Girault, Spain, 2016, artist film), The Amazed Spectator (E. Pera, Portugal, 2016, experimental film)

Saturday 17th June
11am – A Question of Silence (M Gorris, Netherlands, 1982, feature film)
2pm – Limpiadores & The NIghtcleaners pt.1 (F. Mitjans, Cuba, 2015, documentary / Berwick st. Collective, UK, 1975, experimental documentary)
5pm – Endless Poetry (A. Jodorowsky, Chile, 2016, feature film)
8.30pm – Aquarius (K. Mendonco Filho, Brazil, 2016, feature film)

Sunday 18th June
11am – Uncertain (E. McNicol and A. Sandilands,USA, 2015, documentary)
2pm – Tickling Giants (S. Taskler, Egypt, 2016, documentary)

The event is family friendly: screenings are certificated, but Burnlaw has a great play area and plenty of space to explore.


Camping Weekend Pass – £55/£50conc. (includes camping, food, and films)
Bunkbarn Weekend Pass – £70/£65conc. (includes bunkbed, food and films)
Family Weekend Pass – £80 (2 adults and up to 2 kids under 7, includes camping, food and films)
Saturday all day pass – £20 (all films plus lunch and evening meal)
Single Screenings – £5 (PURCHASE THEM AT THE EVENT).


Made for the ‘Open Door’ slot on BBC2, Marc Karlin’s essayistic film about the significance of cinema as a space to engage rather than just consume doubles as an activist documentary to save the Other Cinema from closure in 1977.
The Accursed Stare by David Ferrando Girault combines psychadelic software-based animation with a Bataille-inflected tour through art history looking at ways of seeing, the role of the image and its relationship to power and consumption.
Experimental filmmaker Edgar Pêra gathers together an array of voices from Laura Mulvey to Guy Maddin and the historian of the ‘Cinema of Attractions’ André Gaudreault to explore questions like “what are the rights and duties of the Spectator? Should spectators be paid? What amazes the spectator of this day and age?”
A Question of Silence, widely considered a classic of 80’s feminist cinema, is a wry, provocative work considering the psychiatric profiling and court case of three women who spontaneously collaborate in an act of shocking violence on a male shop-keeper.  Made by Marleen Gorris (Antonia’s Line).
Limpiadores brings to light the day-to-day invisible labour of cleaners on our university campuses through the struggle of migrant cleaners at SOAS.  It wil be screened alongside Berwick Street Collective’s Nightcleaners pt.1, a key work of British independent cinema that fused radical politics and aesthetics.
Chilean cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s second part to his autobiographical trilogy is a carnivalesque and outrageous poem to choosing the life of an artist.  Flamboyant, colourful and anarchic, Endless Poetry finds the 88 year-old director in exuberant form.
Following the Arab Spring and in need of a laugh, Dr. Bassem Youssef left his career as a heart surgeon in Cairo to try his hand at comedy, creating “Al Bernameg,” the first political satire show in Egypt. Thirty million viewers watched each episode.  Mass-media, satire and politics merge – where does cinema fit in now?
For children, Lucas, Star and Shadow’s youngest volunteer will be programing the Cinemarauder, providing a unique selection of films for kids.  The upgraded 80’s caravan will be parked up in the field screening periodically throughout – programme to be confirmed.
Food is a very important part of LTP, and we are over the moon that Pink Lane Bakery is providing sustenance (including Martha for the third year in a row…Yes!)  Hopefully the pizza oven will be involved.  Plenty of salads.  Hearty one-pot cooking too.  All part of the low low price!

The event is family friendly: screenings are certificated, but Burnlaw has a great play area and plenty of space to explore.