Burnlaw Centre


Burnlaw Centre is a community interest company, volunteer-run by residents of Burnlaw Community. Our small, loose knit community is informed by Baha’i, Buddhist, environmental and co-operative thinking. While living separately, residents come together in different combinations to work on particular projects. We farm organically our 45 acres of pasture, old and new woodland, wetland, orchard and kitchen garden.

We know that a warm and loving welcome is important for all the people who come here and we have found that Burnlaw provides opportunities for people to explore their creativity and spirituality and connect with nature in ways which can be profound and transforming.

Some of us are experienced workshop facilitators in a variety of fields from meditation and movement to green wood working and filmmaking. If you are interested in building into your event a workshop, please have a look at our Businesses at Burnlaw page or contact us.